Materials We Work With

We primarily work with Nylon, Polyoxymethylene (POM/Acetal), Polycarbonate, HIPS, and TPO. We can also work with many other grades of plastic including PMMA, ABS, PVC, PE, PP, and more. 


Our team of plastics and polymer engineers have over 35 years of product development experience across a variety of industries and applications. This allows us to: 

  • Source better feed streams that are used to produce our materials.
  • Deliver significant cost savings while maintaining consistent quality that is comparable to that of virgin resin. 
  • Optimize material streams to each customer’s individual product and process requirements. 
  • Offer technical support and product and process development consulting that will maximize use of recycled materials and maximize cost savings.

Quality Control

We also utilize on a three step quality control process to ensure the integrity of our material. The following steps are taken before we ship any load: 

  • Before Loading
    • Send pictures of 15-20 boxes at random. 
    • Upon approval of the pictures, we will send a representative sample from 15-20 randomly selected boxes. 
  • During Loading
    • Take photos of each box. 
    • Pull probe samples form each box for the customer’s evaluation. 
    • Take photos of the container as it is being loaded.
  • After loading
    • Mold or Extrude some of the samples that are pulled during loading. 
    • Send the customer representative samples and mold samples for reference.