Case Study 1: PA6 


This case study is about Grow Materials' solution to a problem faced by processors of off-spec PA 6

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The Problem

Nylon 6 Startup pellets had rheological variation within each box and also had a higher monomer content. 

The Solution

Grow Materials created a glass filled PA6 compound using a proprietary package of compatibilizers to remove monomer and stabilize flow properties. We now sell standardized glass filled PA6 compounds in the Indian market. 

Case Study 2: Mixed Grade POM

This case study is about Grow Materials' solution to an environmental problem caused by mixed grade POM. 

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The Problem

Leftover material that is used for testing was being mixed during collection. Material was collected by polymer type but could contain an infinite number of grades of a given material such as POM. 

The Solution

Grow Materials worked with an injection molding customer to develop an application where an infinite number of mixed grades of POM could be used. We are now selling this POM compound to knife handle manufacturers in India. 


Case Study 3: TPO

This case study is about Grow Materials' solution to recycling TPO Foam Bi-laminate. 

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The Problem

TPO Foam Bi-laminate is an olefin blend with cross-linked foam. Recycling this material was a challenge because the cross-linked foam is not compatible with the thermoplastic component. It is difficult to meet the processability requirements of TPO materials and still create a consistent, cost effective, and high performance recycled material. 

The Solution

Grow Materials has developed a proprietary compound using automotive TPO Foam Bi-laminate as a feed stream. We worked with the major automotive OEM to develop a recycling program to procure this material. This material is now sold in the United States.