Naresh Mehta Co-Founder, Product Development 

  • Holds 15 IP/Patents in building, environment, and infrastructure industries. 
  • Developed the 2012 London Olympic Stadium Wrap.
  • First to market 7 layer Polyethylene Geomembrane and achieved the desired end-properties while using less plastic.
  • Billboard media - 100% recyclable product that replaced the existing PVC based media. Used in billboards around the world. 
  • Various PVC and TPO based single ply roofing membranes with low carbon footprint. 

Aman Mehta Co-Founder, Operations and Marketing 

The man of mystery. 

Dr. Suresh Shah, Investor 

  • Holds 48 IP/Patents; 70 publications in the automotive industry. 
  • International SPE Research/Technology Award (2015).
  • Michigan Scientist of the Year (2009). 
  • Developed single piece plastic door module replacing more than 50 metal pieces. Deployed to over 100 million vehicles. 
  • Developed "Industry First" TPO in-house formulation for instrument panel skin.